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Oliver Toovey

Artist's Statement:

"‘A Brief History of Lobster’ explores the artistic approaches of different cultures around the world through a unified image. Moving from left to right covers millenia of artistic expression from stone age art to ancient Egypt , Greece, China, Islam into the Renaissance then Baroque, post-Impressionism and art movements of the twentieth century. Each panel involved stepping into the mindset of a particular artist of any period and asking myself how they would have approached the task of painting a lobster. As a result, the form and focus of the lobster correspondingly shifts through the painting beginning as an idealised form before ending up on a plate and finally rejected as a symbol of wealth."

"With all my art, I want to give the viewer a fresh perspective. The subject matter may well be a familiar one but that doesn’t mean it can’t be portrayed in a completely novel way. 

My background may not be a formal training in art, but what I have learnt through studying archaeology, physics and medicine informs every brush stroke. Specifically, through an appreciation of the influence of cultures ancient and modern, of how light can be manipulated and an understanding of human form and emotion. The result is that the subject of my paintings will always draw on those three tenets to produce a piece of art that is truly special."

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A Brief History of a Lobster

Original Oil on Canvas
Acquired Direct from the Artist

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 23.75" x 31.50"

Price: £1,200

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